Almost all woods will weather and eventually rot when not protected from the elements. Paint is the most effective protective coating, but in this case, all you see is paint. In its turn, varnish protects wood without hiding its inherent beauty. Thus, glossy varnish can transform a merely interesting piece of wood into something achingly beautiful.

Varnish is a paint essentially but without a pigment. It is broadly defined as a transparent hard coating because it becomes the solid left behind when a liquid mixture of oil and resin dries. Today there are many formulations on the market, but no other transparent single-part coating is more durable in the marine environment than spar varnish.

If the aesthetics of the wood on your boat doesn’t matter to you, you should probably choose something else for coating. However, if you really want to turn heads with your bright work, varnishing still provides the best combination of beauty, durability, and maintainability. And DeckProject is here to do that for you with the materials and colors of your choice.

Varnishing by DeckProject includes:

  • Interior and exterior furniture varnishing, using high-quality coatings with UV inhibitors;
  • Repairing of tables, chairs, railings, and various elements of furniture on the deck;
  • Selection of different tones according to the sample and restoration of the veneer, if needed.
  • Working with various interior and exterior oils.

The varnishing is done on-site or in the workshop, with a brush or a spray gun. When working on the interior, this includes color selection, tinting, polishing, removing details, and varnishing on-site or in the workshop. On-site varnishing involves the installation of a cabin on board with extraction and ventilation.

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