When choosing the material to use on external surfaces, Teak it’s the best option. We like to use Teak, it’s a strong deck coating that is highly resistant to marine conditions. This is a popular material for marine flooring due to its unique features like:

  • High resistance to salt water and sun bleaching;
  • Resistance to insects, rot, fungi, mites, and mildew, making it durable deck coating;
  • Easiness to work with;
  • Non-slip surface for ensuring an extra layer of safety for crew and passengers.

Using high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and an experienced workforce, we can install the perfect new wooden deck on your yacht, meeting tough deadlines. We aim to meet your expectations and provide the best solution.

We have an abundance of our own materials, heavy-duty machinery, and workshops equipped with all of the superyacht servicing needs to ensure the best result ever.

Depending on the requirements, we offer you the following materials:

  • Burmese Teak
  • Synthetic Teak
  • Cork
  • Sika transfloor

Workflow & deliverables:

  • Precision digital or handmade template on board
  • Custom design and approval
  • Full Production of teak decks in the workshop
  • Preparation and levelling of the surface
  • Installation of teak decks onboard by vacuum press
  • Sanding teak decks with professional teak sanding machinery
  • Final sealing with different compounds adjacent to paint or steel
  • Protection of finished areas on demand

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