Having a great experience with new developments in the yacht construction sector, we are a faithful and reliable partner in the refit and building of new projects.

We provide all spectrum of refit from identifying, replacement, and recaulking of damaged areas to full restoration of all teak on board. Remember that it’s recommended to carry out the repairs every month. It’s also necessary to monitor the sealing of deck seams, the seams in between teak and paint, areas of water accumulation on the deck, and any possible corrosion under the teak.

That’s why scheduled repair of the yacht is a must to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers. We are here to help you with that and solve any problem revealed.

Also, we provide the yacht building companies with all possible furniture from the table to the sail stick for the new yachts. That’s why we offer the full cycle from the production to the maintenance.

Materials used:

  • Burmese Teak
  • Epoxy resin
  • Marine plywood
  • Wood veneer
  • Solid surface composites
  • Any other strong, resistant, and durable wood suitable for yacht building

Workflow & deliverables:

  • Recaulking of damaged areas of deck flooring
  • Recaulking of teak decks
  • Restoring of individual parts of the deck
  • Restoring of cap rails / handrails
  • Restoring / replacing furniture and exterior elements
  • Identifying damaged areas
  • Replacement of damaged areas
  • Installing new parts
  • Restoring of the old deck
  • Replacement of old sealant
  • Restoring of all handrails
  • Full restoration of all teak on board

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