Yachts are not only about decks and wood furniture but interior and exterior of all kinds with acrylic stone used for baths, kitchens, and so on. Thus, we provide all the types of acrylic stone works to cover all the client’s needs and wishes:

  • Covering baths, kitchens, walls, and countertops;
  • Designing/production/installation of sinks and other interior and exterior items.

That’s only a part of the work with the acrylic stone provided by DeckProject. Thanks to years of experience, the latest technologies, and a team of professionals, we find the best solution, bringing into life all your ideas.

Our range of options for acrylic stone solid surface include:

  • Producing custom furniture;
  • Producing top tables;
  • Producing custom sinks and baths;
  • Installation of wall panels in galley and bathroom.

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