Creating luxury interiors on superyachts from flooring and wall panels to furniture and headliners is what we do. Years of experience make our carpenters a specialist for highly complex projects in interior and exterior outfitting, varnishing, and touch-ups. They can create whatever furniture you need or wish. Literally, we do all kinds of interior and exterior carpentry and furniture:

  • Stairs and ladders;
  • Swimming pools and jacuzzi;
  • Tables and bar counters;
  • Sofas, beds, seats;
  • Moldings and gratings;
  • Teak shoeboxes;
  • Cabinets, loungers, and many more.

Custom furniture is a highlight of every luxury yacht. These items are not only genuine works of art but add functionality and comfort to their owners. They are easily transformable, sophisticated, and unique at the same time. They impress with their impeccable surfaces, full of hidden technical solutions, sophisticated slide-out mechanisms, and adaptable features. This is where innovative engineering meets superb craftsmanship. And that real added value we provide our clients.

The workflow includes all types of work — from creating custom 3D CAD designs to delivery and installation.

Workflow & deliverables:

  • Creating custom 3D CAD designs of furniture
  • Approval of created design with the customer
  • CNC or handmade fabrication of each detail
  • Laminating or veneering of the details
  • Joining and finishing the details
  • Varnishing of furniture upon request;
  • Delivery of items wherever you are
  • Installation of yacht furniture on board

Materials used:

  • Solid Burmese Teak
  • Teak Veneer
  • Stainless steel
  • Varnish

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