At first glance, interior and/or exterior refit projects may seem easier or faster than new builds. However, that’s not always the case. The complexity should not be underestimated because it usually lies in the details.

Thus, caulking and sealing works consist of several stages that are as time-consuming as resource-intensive. Thanks to the high-level coordination, project management, and high-skilled team, we manage to deliver all the projects on time despite the scope of work and/or contingencies.

Caulking and sealing works that we do includes:

  • Removement of all caulking before any painting project;
  • Removement of caulking from windows;
  • Removement of caulking from hardware and fittings;
  • Application of sealing and caulking on any interior and exterior elements;
  • Caulking touch-ups in general.

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