Absolutely every item on the yacht serves a specific feature. Thus, the capping rail is not only about aesthetics but also about safety. Our team of experts not only knows how to create beautiful and elegant cap rails, but they are robust and resistant enough to ensure maximum safety for the crew and guests.

No matter how complex the requirements of designers and owners may be, we rely on our technical expertise and professional craftsmanship from the very first moment we work on the project. Thanks to the high expertise of our technicians and the advanced technologies used, we create the perfect “finishing touch” of capping rail with all the demands met.

DeckProject provides a spectrum of works with capping rails from designing and fabrication to installation. Providing an exceptional approach, our team will find the best solution just for you. Thanks to a wide choice of own materials for capping rails available, we easily match the style and design of any yacht. Besides, we not only provide high-quality materials but find the most relevant and suitable ones for each individual project to meet the highest expectations.

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